Here one day... gone the next

This brave new world of ours is full of terms and acronyms, but what does Ghosting mean?

In a world where there’s an acronym for everything, Ghosting is where a guy you’ve been chatting to on an app, or even have hooked up with, simply doesn’t return your messages or calls. Not even a tag…

That’s right, you’ve put in the time, even gone to dinner and then, without explanation he’s gone into the night, like a ghost. Never to be heard of again.


What is ghosting?
pedrofigueras / Pixabay What is ghosting?

Why does ghosting happen?

There could be a number of reasons why a guy might suddenly stop messaging you. Perhaps he wasn’t totally up front with you about his personal circumstances, he could be married or in another relationship.

It could be something you said that really offended him or it could be that he said something that totally embarrassed him, and he’s too ashamed to speak to you again.

Why does ghosting happen?
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If he’s gone off social media or his dating profile is no longer active, then something even more final could have happened. The problem is that you’ll never know.

The best thing is to be happy for the time you had together and move on. Don’t live in the past, look to the future.


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