Grindr has officially blocked you from seeing who blocked you.

Goodbye to C*ckBlocked

Information held about you is now being blocked from your view after Grindr patched a bug which allowed users to see who had blocked them.

Now when a user visits the website they are met with a user message which reads, “Goodbye C*ckBlocked. The first and only way to see who blocked you on Grindr. The API that provided for the data was patched by Grindr on March 23rd, 2018”


However, if you’re in the UK, you still have certain rights to see information a company holds about you, which could mean any data that is held on your profile, which is not actually viewable by you through the app’s interface. Thanks to the Data Protection Act, if you really wanted to see what information the company holds about you, you can put in a request.

New Ownership

Grindr was wholly bought by a  Chinese gaming company earlier this year, meaning it is not under the LGBT ownership anymore.

In 2016 Grindr’s founder Joel Simkhai announced that he had sold 60 percent of the dating app to the Chinese gaming firm Kunlun Tech Co. The remaining 40 percent has now been snapped up by the same firm in a deal thought to be worth $152 million.

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The initial purchase of just over 60 percent was thought to be worth $93 million.

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