Wondering why you're not getting that second date? Have you checked your breath?

Wondering why you’re not getting that second date? Have you checked your breath?

What are the nation's biggest turn offs?

A new study has revealed that it takes a potential suitor just 15 minutes to access whether they want that all important second date with you – and there are three things that count more than anything else. Your stinky breath. Your loudness. Your ex.

Apparently, 60 percent of us think that someone having bad breath is enough to cancel any notions of a second date with them – followed by being loud and obnoxious (59%) and banging on about an ex (51%)

Two thousand people were surveyed by the world’s largest dating app, badoo, and asked about their thoughts about dating.

It takes the average person just 13 seconds to decide if they are attracted to someone and a two-hour dinner and drinks date was the best way to get to know someone properly.

The study also found two-thirds of daters think people have lost the art of conversation due to busy schedules and relying too heavily on online communication, meaning face-to-face dating has become more difficult than ever. As such, more than half of those polled find themselves struggling to engage in relaxed dialogue when meeting someone for the first time.

Gaston Tourn, CMO of Badoo, commented, “Despite us living in a digital age, a real life one-on-one date is always going to be the best way to see if sparks fly and the conversation flows. The clock is on for those first 15 minutes for people to show off their true personalities.”

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Gaston continues: “Our biggest aim is to get people offline and meeting face-to-face, so we’re actually launching Badoo Live, a live streaming feature this summer, to encourage real-life interactions and more genuine connections. We don’t just care about swiping or matches – we care about real life dates – the rest is up to you!”

The research showed that some things are better left unsaid, with ‘the ex’ being the ultimate no-go area of conversation for singletons. 59 per cent of adults say you should never talk about sexual past, while 39 per cent say discussions shouldn’t touch upon starting a family immediately.

Those who are obsessed with social media, constantly check their phone throughout the date and those who act loud and obnoxiously can also expect not to hear back from a potential suitor.

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So what are the 50 biggest turns off?

  1. Bad breath from not brushing teeth
  2. Being loud and obnoxious
  3. Banging on about an ex-partner
  4. Sweating profusely
  5. Constantly checking their phone
  6. They talk politics all evening
  7. Chewing gum loudly
  8. Social-media obsessed
  9. Vaping indoors/at the table
  10. They spend the date blowing their own trumpet
  11. Texting or taking a call on the date
  12. Being a bit too touchy-feely
  13. Failing to ask the other person about themselves
  14. They leave you on your own to go for a cigarette
  15. Crying
  16. Having a psycho ex
  17. They conveniently forget their wallet
  18. Talking about mummy or daddy
  19. Talking too much so you can’t get a word in edgeways
  20. Snorting when they laugh
  21. Eating with their mouth full
  22. Over-familiar banter
  23. The use of cheesy chat up lines
  24. Not at least offering or making an attempt to pay the bill
  25. Talking about soap operas like they’re real life
  26. Admitting they have a high / low sex drive
  27. Turning up with a poem in hand
  28. Weird mannerisms such as blinking too much or a jiggling leg
  29. A terrible first kiss
  30. Being too keen too quickly
  31. They drink several alcoholic beverages in the first hour
  32. Boasting about their job
  33. They’re wearing a bizarre choice of clothing
  34. Not offering to go halves on the bill
  35. They agree with everything you say
  36. Having a yin-yang tattoo
  37. They’re either way to tall or short for you
  38. They constantly clear their throat
  39. Talking about body image or size
  40. Laughing too loudly at jokes
  41. They make loads of trips to the toilet
  42. Being overly complementary
  43. They use a toothpick
  44. Admitting they like reality TV
  45. They have a weird laugh
  46. Being a veggie/vegan
  47. Opening up too much
  48. Bad shoes
  49. Admitting they still live at home
  50. Suggesting seeing a boring rom-com at the cinema
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