Michelle Visage has shared the reason why she’s not appearing on the Strictly Come Dancing tour and it’s SHADY AF.

During a recent Samsung KX’s ‘Thread Talks the Drag Race judge and Strictly star, shared the real reason why she isn’t taking part in the upcoming Strictly Come Dancing tour, despite moving her diary around to make room for it.

An audience member at the talk invited Michelle to spill the tea, which she replied,

Oh, you’re trying to get the tea, aren’t you?

“I’ll tell you what happened, it’s not that racy or scandalous but what happened was they and asked in the beginning for my availability, this is the honest to god transparent truth, I said yes but I have RuPaul’s Drag Con is there any way I could miss the matinees and I would drive or take a train wherever to get there for the night shows. They were like you have to do all of them and I was like, okay do you want me to see if I can move it? And they said yes. So I moved it, I got out of it because at one point I was going to do the tour and not drag con and at that point they were like ‘Oh I’m sorry, we’re going to pass'”.

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She cleared her schedule for the tour, but apparently it wasn’t enough, she continued,

“So I cleared my schedule and they passed on me so that’s what happened.

“You can’t take it personally they probably locked people in when they thought that I couldn’t do it so there wasn’t shade but I would absolutely have loved to have done it.

“Maybe next year we can clear schedules beforehand”

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Ouch. That’s gotta hurt – especially Christmas gifts to pay for!

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