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  • Top 11 Coming Out YouTube Videos

    Top 11 Coming Out YouTube Videos

    Here are the Top 10 coming out videos on Youtube

  • Which gay celeb has the best tree this year?

    It’s that time of the year again, when the stars are showing off their Christmas trees and we’re loving it.

  • Hottest gay or bi actors in their 30s

    Hottest gay or bi actors in their 30s

    Although it can still be seen as a risk to their careers, even in 2018, there are some incredibly brave, talented and inspiring guys who decided to come out, giving hope to the next generation of actors that they to can be their true selves. Here are some of the hottest openly gay, bi or […]

  • Gay stars are showing off their Christmas trees again!

    These guys are giving us some serious Christmas goals Actor, Kieron Richardson Our winter kitchen is finished thanks @lmalison2011 @boss_furniture1 #christmastree A post shared by Kieron Richardson (@mrkieronrichardson) on Dec 11, 2017 at 11:49pm PST Former X Factor star, Craig Colton ???? A post shared by COLTON (@colton_insta) on Nov 26, 2017 at 1:27pm PST […]

  • 12 Amazing coming out YouTube videos

    To celebrate National Coming Out Day 2017, we’re enjoying the best coming out videos on YouTube. Taking to YouTube is now one of the best ways for stars to talk directly to their fans, especially about painful or personal experiences. Their stories are told in their own voice and there’s no distortion of the truth. […]

  • Matt Dallas And Husband Adopt Gorgeous Son

    Matt Dallas and his husband Blue Hamilton have adopted a gorgeous son. The former star of Kyle XY and his musician husband Blue have adopted a son called Crow and announced the addition to their family to the world via their YouTube channel in the world’s most adorable Christmas video. The couple, who married last […]

  • Gay Stars Show Off Their Christmas Trees

    These gay stars have shared their Christmas Tree wonderness with the world. We’re just days away from Christmas and the stars are starting to showcase their Christmas tree prowess… Here are a few of our favourites Neil Patrick Harris Rylan Clark Timmy Matley and Lachie Chapman from The Overtones Brian Friedman Former X Factor Creative […]

  • TV Star Matt Dallas Marries Long Term Boyfriend Blue Hamilton

    Former KYLE XY star Matt Dallas has married his long-term musician boyfriend. TV Star Matt Dallas has married his long-term boyfriend and musician Blue Hamilton after announcing their engagement in January 2013. The tweet in which Matt announced his engagement was also the announcement that the actor was in fact gay. He became the first […]

  • Hot Gay or Bi Actors Under 40

    There’s a new breed of actors out there who aren’t afraid to be out in Hollywood and beyond…

  • FEATURE: 10 Celebs Who Came Out In 2013

    It’s been quite a year for celebrity outings, and as yesterday was National Coming Out Day, we decided to highlight the wonderful celebs that came out in 2013. Coming out is never easy, especially when the world’s cameras and press are following your every move and your career could fail because of it – so […]

  • 7 More Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay or Bisexual

    Here are seven more stars of screen and radio who you didn’t know were gay or bisexual. Matt Dallas Matt Dallas, star of the cancelled Kyle XY came out in a social media kind of a way in January 2013, when he Tweeted that he was going to marry his long-time partner, musician Bill Hamilton […]