Yes... and then again... yes

You should definitely be cleaning your sex toys after use, particularly if the toys you are using are up-the-butt toys.

You see, your ass, even after douching is still filled with bacteria and germs that you won’t want sitting around on a toy’s surface, laying in your bottom drawer over a period of time.

This could lead to nasty stomach upsets and illness.

You may also find that any lube residue left on your toy could melt it between uses. Yes, this happens – all depending on what material your toy is made from and the type of lube you used.

So it’s best to clean your toys after each usage.

Water or Toy Cleaner?

Should I use a toy cleaner to clean my sex toys?

You can buy a special sex toy cleaner – our partner shop sells a range of these, or you can use warm soapy water. We particularly recommend the Bathmate Clean Misting Toy Cleaner, which is really easy to use, simply wipe off any debris (you know what we mean!) mist it with the cleaner, rub it in and then rise off.

If you use a toy cleaner, you’ll also be disinfecting it, killing off all those nasty bacteria.

Make sure when cleaning your toy, that you clean out all of the ridges and if it’s a realistic dildo, make sure you clean around the head and all of the veins.

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Using condoms on your toys

Using a condom on your toy when you use it will mean that you won’t need to wash it as thoroughly, but it is advisable to give it a wipe down to get rid of any chemicals that transfer from the inside of a condom to your toy.

Storing your toy

Once you’ve clean your toy, dry it off with a towel until it’s perfectly dry and if it came with a protective pouch, insert it back in there.

If it didn’t come with a pouch, an old sock will work just as well.

Inserting it into a sock or pouch protects the toy’s material coming into contact with other toys – which can cause them to melt as some materials even react with other materials.

It isn’t pretty and can get quite expensive.

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Penis toys and masturbators

If your toy is for penis play, like a Fleshjack or even the Satifyer Men’s Wand (pictured above) you should still give it a good clean after use. If you’ve jizzed over or in your toy, you won’t want to find it, next time you come to use it, covered with stale, crispy semen… Or may you do… But to ensure the longevity of your toy, it’s best to clean it after each use.

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering how to get rid of semen stains – particularly on clothes or towels, read this.

To find out how to clean your Fleshjack click here.

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