It’s here… Adam DeVine’s pecker is out and proud

Adam DeVine shows off a bit of skin

Hunky Adam DeVine has been showing flesh in his new film for Netflix, Game Over Man. In it he has his little DeVine in hand as he auto-erotic asphyxiating – as two guys make out. Obvs.

Speaking on the scene to Thrillist:

“I think if we would have written that scene and then sold the movie and made it right away, I would have been more nervous about it. But I’ve known that I’m gonna do this scene for like six years, so when the day came, I had no problem dropping trou. They asked if I wanted a prosthetic one, but then I was like, I’m answering more questions about… if you just… it’s, anyway, that’s what my dick is. You know? There it is.”

Anyway, it looks like he’s got quite the lob on and he’s cut!