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Can I get Herpes from oral sex?


Is herpes only transmittable with penetrative sex or can you get from oral sex as well?


There are two main types of herpes, HSV1 and HSV2. HSV stands for Herpes Simplex Virus. HSV1 tends to affect the mouth. HSV2 tends to affect the anus or vagina, both, however, are transmitted by direct touch contact.

So yes, you can get herpes (on your genitals) from someone who has a cold sore.

HSV1 tends to show itself as cold sores, HSV2 tends to show itself as genital herpes. There is no known cure for herpes, but its symptoms can be controlled. Medications like CompeedZovirax or Bonjela can help with cold sores, or genital herpes can be controlled with Aciclovir Tablets.

The problem is that herpes is often unknowingly spread amongst people, meaning people either don’t know they have it – or it’s still contagious even when there are no visible symptoms.

How can you protect yourself from Herpes?

Protection, such as condoms, during sex – whether it is oral or anal, is the only real way of making sure that you don’t contract herpes.


Most people have at least one of the strains…

What’s more many people have at least one of the strains. It’s estimated that between 50 and 80 percent of adults have oral herpes, according to the World Health Organization. That means your risk of getting herpes is actually quite high.

Speaking to Doctor Rick Viney a urology surgeon from the BMI The Priory said, “The two principal strains of herpes are hsv1 and hsv2. Hsv1 classically affects the mouth and hsv2 the vagina and anus. These are transmitted by direct contact, so it is entirely possible for the two strains to end up in the wrong place during oral sex. ”

So HSV1 can cause genital herpes, and HSV2 can cause cold sores. The only way to stop transferal is by using condoms or a dental dam.



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