Hurrah. Some good news for LGBT+ people

Everything is doom and gloom in the hospitality industry as you might expect. With restrictions and ever-changing guidance from the government, the industry has become, for many, almost unsustainable.

One bar in Cardiff has been forced to close for the duration of the newly introduced 10 PM curfew.

However, Zodiac Bar London is bucking the trend and has actually flung open its doors, which for some may seem a strange business move what with everything going on in 2020, but it turns it’s been very popular with the local community.

The bar actually opened its door back in July and has proved a success for LGBT+ folk in the North London area.

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From a one-off to extended days and opening hours.

Zodiac Bar started off as an LGBT+ night in July at a “Northern Soul” bar on Junction Road, N19, but due to the success it’s actually taken over the venue from Wednesday to Saturday, 5 PM until 2 AM, (now 10 PM due to COVID-19 restrictions).

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According to the venue’s website, the bar was “The brainchild of TransWoman Jade (aka Lady Phoenix) and her partner, they have now introduced theme nights for Bears, The Trans Community (including TS,TV & CD), Lesbians; and also plan to include fetish nights, Drag Acts & Cabarets (when rules allow), LGBTQ talent contests and Bingo/Quiz nights in the near future.”

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