Have you been missing your weekly dose of Drag Queens Of London? Never fear we’ve got an interview with a fierce queen or two – starting of with Lady Lloyd, who isn’t afraid to say how she feels.

Since DQOL has aired, how has life changed?
Dramatically! I find people hiding in shop doorways to avoid me!

What are your favourite highlights from the show?
Pushing Vanity’s piano over has to be the one. That show is such dirge! Everyone was falling asleep – something had to be done.

Has being involved with DQOL changed you for the better for worse?
Hasn’t changed me at all, apart from the roses that arrive on my doorstop everyday… it’s the other ones you wanna watch!

For the next series… What more would you, could you, bring to the show…?
Oh c’mon, more of the same, drama is never far away from me, and theres no denying Buffalo Girls have been a force of energy on the show.

So should the UK have a Drag Race?
Only if RuPaul does it, and Lily is too old!

What are your thoughts on Jonathan Ross presenting it?
I like him as a presenter, but it has to be RuPaul. It’s Ru’s baby and she does it so well.

As the war of the words rages on with RuPaul, Logo and Glaad surrounding the word ‘tranny’ where you do you sit on the matter?

Is drag getting its 2nd wind?
It seems to be very ‘in’ right now, like back to the 90s when Ru was ruling. People will always love drag though, it’s just the media that dictates what the masses are ‘consuming’. At the minute the media is on it.

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Who do you consider to be your Drag Idol?
Tasty Tim and Princess Julia. They haven’t had a night in since ’79 and are consistently fashionable and fabulous. My heroes!

The best drag movie is….
Definitely NOT Priscilla. The original La Cage is amazing, and of course Paris is Burning is an inspiration to so many. 10s across the board.

What’s the most common mistake for a new drag queen?
Shaving the eyebrows! It’s ok for an extreme drag look, and looks fabulous on real character drag but when the more femme queens do it, it just looks stupid. Women have actual eyebrows you know!

Is it easy to get into drag as a business?
No, very hard I think. Its still a niche market – there aren’t many jobs going, and most fail after a year or so, the hot new thing comes along in a while, but you never actually see them getting many paid gigs. I’ve been lucky that I have worked as a DJ consistently for almost 10 years now.

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If you weren’t doing drag for a living what would you do?
Something in music, I went to the BRIT school and studied music, so I’m very happy that I have been able to work with music. If I wasn’t doing drag I’d probably have studied more production side, as it’s something I would love to do but can’t find the time in between hangovers.

What’s the worst thing a drag queen could do to another?
Pull their wig off – but it’s also the most satisfying. Ha.

To tuck or not to tuck? And if you do – how do you do it?
Never, I like it all on show, let them know what’s going on – front and centre.

About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.