Well we’re all in two and fours… (god only knows what that means) but it looks at though this year’s Big Brother could be the first ever season where a gay relationship takes place.

Now depending on your source, Mark and Christopher’s relationship could be the first or second gay relationship to form in the Big Brother house. The first is apparently between Rodrigo Lopes and Charlie Drummond. Our sources are looking into it!

Muffled slurpy kiss noises were heard after Mark and Christopher secreted themselves into the store cupboard for a quick snog (we think) and then again in the bedroom under the covers after the lights had gone out.

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During a chat earlier in the evening with Big Brother, Mark from Liverpool, talked about his friendship with Christopher, saying, ‘It’s evolving.’ He also says that they have got a lot closer and that Christopher is an amazing person. He thinks it’s disrespectful to Christopher to call him the new Matthew, Mark says: ‘He’s not the new Matthew, he’s just Christopher.’