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What’s the oldest age gap you’ve had between you and another sexual partner. A couple of years? 10 years? 20 years?

Some of the most enduring celebrity same-sex relationships have many years between them, like Tom Daley and Dustin Lance-Black (20 years) or Sir Elton and David Furnish (15 years)

However, one 20-year-old guy on Reddit, got to wondering why it was bothering him that so many guys around his age had slept with guys 10 years older than them.

He wrote, “Something that’s struck me as odd is that a lot of them have been with guys that are like 10 years older than us. Even a few 18-year-olds seem to have had intercourse with thirty-something-year-olds and are more sexually experienced than me

“I’m not sure why this upsets me, but I’m curious to know if you guys think that hooking up with older guys like this is really common. Also what does this say about the young guy? What does this say about the older guy?”

Do you mind a big age gap between you and a sexual partner?

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Do age gaps really matter in relationships?
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Here’s what some of the commenters had to say.

You okay hun?

I’m more curious about why it matters to you [via]

Really very common

This is extremely common. Lots of younger guys are into Daddies. I’m 39 and if I’m on Grindr or whatnot I get hit up by lots of guys in their late teens and early twenties (more so than guys in their late twenties and their 30s hit me). [via]

They’re charming

Daddy is really charming to me [via]

What you’re into

It’s what you’re into I guess… I mean I’m the same age as you and I almost exclusively go for guys older than me because I absolutely love daddies and the age difference turns me on but also there aren’t many guys my age who are out in my area so I’m kinda forced to go for older guys. [via]

Going with the flow

As someone who has been with multiple older guys, it’s just preference. Some days, I want a guy in his 20’s like me. Some days I want a guy in his mid 30’s. Sometimes I want a silver fox in his late 50’s or 60’s. [via]

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So do age gaps really matter as long as everyone’s consenting and of legal age? Use the comments below to let us know what you think

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