Jason Gardiner reunites feud with Gemma Collins after liking “Karma” tweets

Jason Gardiner is in danger of reunited the feud between him and Dancing On Ice contestant Gemma Collins after liking a slew of negative tweets aimed at the TOWIE star.

During last weekend’s episode, an audience of millions watched as Gemma Collins hit the decks during her performance in Dancing On Ice. The feud was first started when Jason launched a tirade against the TOWIE fave and seemed to call her “mediocre”.

Gemma then swiped back during a live show, in which she said that he had been selling stories about her. Jason then allegedly threatened to sue the reality star.

However, after her fall on the last show, things between the two had seemed to simmer down. With Gemma racking up a respectable 16.5 points from the judges.

However, now, Jason has liked a number of comments which describe Gemma as “Vile” and that the fall had been a result of “karma”.

One read: “Oh @officialJasonG how we all laughed. That’s what ya call karma. Just cannot believe shes still there!!! I no im [sic] evil.”

Another said: “Keep going as u are, the likes of Gemma Collins makes me sick. She shouldn’t be In the show. Vile. Your [sic] a brilliant judge and know what your [sic] taking about (sic).”

“Sometimes KARMA is there just staring at you straight in the face. When you fall on it. #honestjudge #myhonestopinion,” somebody else commented.

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Dancing On Ice is on ITV, Sunday at 6 pm 


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