The Bleeding Heart diva has unveiled the video for Thunder, taken from her new album ‘I Am’, out September 11th.

However, the making of this album hasn’t been a straight forward process. At one point Leona wasn’t sure whether she was going to make another record, and was writing songs without a specific aim other than the sole, pure purpose of making music again. Luckily, a chance encounter spurred her on when she was invited to a small Fleetwood Mac gig. She had never met them before but has always been a huge Stevie Nicks fan. A friend shoved her forward to meet the band for the first time and Nicks was quick to greet Leona.

“She grabbed hold of me, hugged me and started singing my song to me. She sang ‘Bleeding Love’ and then she was like: “You have to keep going, we need you, we need your music.” She won’t know what a huge impression she made on me and how much she inspired me and inspired this record but she did give me that spur of encouragement. She is awesome. Everyone needs a Stevie in their life,”

she laughs.

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