A man has died after suffering complications during a routine penis enlargement surgery.

An otherwise healthy 30-year-old man has died after complications during an operation to enlarge the length and girth of his penis. Despite the regularity at which this type of operation is now done, the medical team ran into issues half way through the procedure, the Journal of Forensic Sciences reported.

This is the first time anyone has died in a penile enlargement surgery. There are around 8400 surgeries of this kind undertaken every year.

The surgeons were on to the girth section of the surgery, where the patient’s own fat cells are injected into the penis. Around 2 ounces of his own fat were injected when the fat leaked into his blood stream.


The patient then suffered a lung embolism which led to him having a cardiac arrest. Despite CPR efforts from the doctors, they were unable to save him. The man died after two hours.

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“This is the first described case where a seemingly simple and safe procedure of penis enlargement by autologous fat transfer caused sudden death in a healthy young man,

“Perhaps the risk of fat embolization is higher when pretraumatized tissue is subjected to fat injection, like in this case, where a penis elongation by loosening of a penile ligament was performed before the fat injection.”