Is this normal? Is this what you guys do?

Is this normal? Is this what you guys do?

who is Milo's boyfriend

Apparently after a sesh, Milo Yiannopoulos and his husband, only known as “John” apparently go for a bite to eat, but not just any old food. But apparently, Milo takes him to Red Lobster.

It’s so specific!

Writing in an Instagram Story, the controversial journalist said that after his husband “fuck me good – I take his ass to Red Lobster”. Along with the sexy revelation, Milo posted a quick video of him holding his husband’s hand which was showcasing a very expensive looking wedding ring.

Of course, he could also be referring to the lyrics in Beyoncé’s Lemonade, where the line is actually from.

The couple got married in late 2017.

So the next time you see Milo and John in a Red Lobster, you know what just happened back at their place.

Milo reached out to THEGAYUK to say, “Do you not know that’s a Beyoncé lyric? Isn’t she supposed to be your queen? I guess you lost interest when she got too scary-black for you in Formation. FAKE FANS. TERRIBLE BOTTOMS. Hang your heads in shame”.

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*This article was updated to state that the quote was from a Beyoncé song and to add Milo’s response.


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