The ever controversial Milo Yiannopoulos has called himself the ‘worst white supremacist ever’ after marrying his partner.

Milo just married his boyfriend, John,  in Hawaii over the weekend and in response to his detractors, some who have called the controversialist a white supremacist in the past, blasted his critics saying he must be the worst white supremacist… ever. Posting about his wedding on Instagram, Milo was at pains to reveal his new husband’s identity by obscuring his face or revealing his surname in pictures he published.

The reception took place at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on Saturday.

His now, husband wore a white jacket, which had “Blind For Love” inscribed on the back, whilst Milo wore, in typical camp flamboyance, a floral print Gucci jacket.

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The journalist and former Breitbart staffer uploaded a picture of his wedding cake topper and captioned the photo “It’s official”.

Milo then captioned a post as “WORST WHITE SUPREMACIST EVER” after the Daily Mail released a story about the writer captioned, “alt-right poster boy”.


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He then captioned another press cutting with “this guy is a total failure as a racist”.



This guy is a total failure as a racist

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Most lied about person in the US.

Furthering the conversation about his private and public life, Milo went on to suggest that he must “be the most lied-about person in America”, calling reports about him marrying a Muslim man an “utter fabrication”.

He said,

“I must be the most lied-about person in America. Every day it’s something new. This week the press has invented a lie that my new husband is Muslim. It came completely out of nowhere. I don’t know why they are claiming this. I’ve seen it in a dozen press reports so far. Just an utter fabrication, never checked by anyone, billowing out into the internet and becoming “established fact” despite being totally untrue. This is how the media works, and it’s why you can’t trust a word they say”.