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Is it normal to have darkened skin around your anus?

But the guys in porn have “perfect” unblemished butts…

Is it normal to have darkened skin around your anus

In this day and age, where people are airbrushing everything into a smooth paste aren’t we forgetting that natural is beautiful?

One of the problems with watching porn is that it can give you unrealistic expectations of your own body. Some guys in the porn industry have their bum holes bleached, which is an option if the brown skin around your anus is really bothering you. Also, don’t forget that bright lights can also help even out uneven skin tones.


Also there’s a case where some people maybe be embarrassed by the colour of their holes that they don’t actually take the plunge and appear in porn.


It is completely normal for the skin around your asshole and in the perineum area to be darker, it doesn’t mean that the area isn’t clean and shouldn’t be thought of as shitty or dirty.


In fact, many guys will find that their scrotum is a slightly different colour to the other parts of their body, it can be darker, lighter or redder than the skin around that area.

Again this is completely normal.


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