A deliberate homophobic attack? Asks the former leader of the British National Party.

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Nick Griffin has questioned why no has pointed out that Monday night’s attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester could have been a homophobically motivated attack and suggested that Ms Grande’s gig was a “fag hag” gig.


He correctly asserted that Ariana Grande is an LGBT+ rights advocate but seemingly turned the conservation to immigration, when he said that “open borders have consequences”, despite Monday night’s attacker being born and raised in Manchester, UK.

He also asserted that “many Muslims” would see the gig as a “fag hag” gig and blowing it up would be akin to throwing gay men off buildings.


In two tweets, Mr Griffin, who now describes himself as the Vice President of the Alliance for Peace & Freedom. National revolutionary strategist (and white rights figher) said,

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“Why has no one pointed out that could well have been deliberate attack? AG is renowned gay rights advocate

“Blowing up what many Muslims would see as a ‘faghag’ gig is in same line as throwing gays off buildings. have consequences!


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