Piers Morgan has lashed out against PinkNews after it published an article about a petition calling on ITV execs to remove him from his presenting position on Good Morning Britain for “dehumanising” people from the transgender and non-binary community.

In a series of fiery tweets, Piers blasted the news site as “disingenuous” and clickbaity after it published a piece about a petition which called for the GMB anchor to be fired from his presenting position on the ITV morning show.

He also blasted the site for “spreading dangerous bullsh*t” and reiterated that they were shameless little clickbaiters

At the time of PinkNews’s first article, calling for his dismissal, around 6000 people had signed the petition calling on ITV to end its contract with Piers Morgan.

The petition has since swelled to around 13,000 signatures.


Piers is accused by the petitioners of “dehumanising” some transgender and non-binary people with his line of questioning of non-binary guests and his dismissal of the notion that there are over 100 different gender identities, Piers is currently identifying as a “2 spirit penguin”.

However, Piers claims that he supports those people who transition and that he is a loud supporter of gay rights.

The presenter added, “I don’t support the ridiculous notion of 100 genders, and most sensible people agree with me.”

People actually like Piers

In response to the initial petition calling on Piers to be fired, is another, calling on ITV to back the presenter which has now surpassed the original with over 26,000 signatures.

THEGAYUK.com reached out to Pink News for comment.

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