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Piers Morgan lashes out over Dad who dressed as princess for his son


Oh dear, it didn’t take long did it? Piers Morgan has lashed out over a report that a dad from Norway, is the “best dad” because he dressed up as Elsa from Frozen for his son.

Taking to Twitter Piers questioned why the dad, Ørjan Burøe, should be considered any more of a “best dad” than one who takes his son to a football match.


The story was first reported on CBS’s The UpLift website, and shows the Norwegian dad dancing in a full Elsa costume to the hit song from Frozen, ‘Let It Go’ along with his son, who is also dressed as Elsa – because his four-year-old son is the “biggest fan of Elsa”.

Ørjan Burøe said that it was “important to embarrass yourself and let it go,” The video has been watched millions of time on social media.

Piers, however, couldn’t let the video pass without making comment, writing, “Why does this make him any more ‘BEST DAD’ then [sic] one who plays football with his son? Ridiculous.”


It didn’t take long for reaction to Piers’ statement to come in thick and fast, with one user saying, “A fathers love, should never be ridiculed. No matter the circumstances”, while another added, “Creative and make sure his son is happy and enjoying himself.”

Another said, “Because not all young boys want to play football and a lot of stupid uneducated people will look down at this and make stupid comments such as “encouraging him to become gay”.

One user said that it was important to break down stereotypes adding, “I’d like to think it’s a step forward in breaking down stereotypes, and why not put positive energy out into the world rather than twist the words to suit your own agenda”.




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