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  • Russia just made Power Rangers an 18 thanks to gay character

    Have you ever thought of the Power Rangers as an X-rated or adult show? No? Well then maybe you wanna move to Russia, where the bar has been set at an all-time low. Russian officials have slapped an 18 certificate on the Power Rangers film because it now includes a lesbian/questioning/bisexual/curious character played by Becky […]

  • President Putin Agrees To Meet With Elton To Discuss Gay Rights

    President Putin has agreed to meet with rock legend Sir Elton John to discuss his nation’s legacy on gay rights. Legendary rock veteran Sir Elton has asked President Putin for a debate on gay rights. The Russian President was responsible for signing in an anti-gay law that forbids the “propaganda” of non-traditional relationships to anyone […]

  • Homophobic Russian Law Maker Wants It To Be Illegal To Be Topless

    If Russian’s most homophobic lawmaker (and there is quite a fierce battle for this particular title) Vitaly Milonov has his way, we will never get to see any more pictures of President Putin half-naked in public again. More importantly if he does strut around on his horse like that once a new Bill against “nudity […]

  • Top Russian Politician Calls Eurovision ‘Sodom Show’

    The Eurovision Song Contest has been branded a ‘Europe-Wide Gay Parade’ by the Russian Politician who called Stephen Fry ‘Sick’. Vitaly Milonov, a prominent anti-gay Russian politician has branded Eurovision a ‘Sodom Show’ and said that Austria’s Drag entry Conchita Wurst was a ‘pervert.’ Last year Milonov, who was instrumental in creating Russia’s anti-gay law, […]

  • Actor Stephen Fry Branded ‘Sick’ By Russian Politician

    The Russian Politician who was instrumental in creating Russia’s anti-gay law, banning the ‘promotion of non-traditional relationships’ to anyone under the age of 18 has branded the actor, writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry ‘Sick’ as the world’s attention is drawn to the furore over the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The world’s attention was drawn […]