Day: 15 September 2015

  • Austin Falls Out With Chloe Jasmine Over Brother Snub

    Austin Armacost has slammed Chloe Jasmine over a perceived snub of his late brother Tyler. Reality star Austin Armacost has blown his lid with former X FACTOR star Chloe Jasmine after she refused to be involved with the toast to his late brother, Tyler, because there was alcohol. Austin’s brother died in a car accident […]

  • President Putin PR Denies Meeting With Elton John

    In a curious twist, President Putin’s press secretary has denied Elton John’s revelation that the pair are to meet to discuss LGBT rights in Russia. Legendary rock veteran Sir Elton had announced thatPresident Putin had agreed to meet to discuss the state of LGBT rights in Russia. However, the president’s press secretary has denied that […]

  • TRAVEL GUIDE | Feel The (gay) Love In Slovenia

    The verdant rolling hills, the typical southern European countryside, mountainous vistas that even Maria would be satisfied with, a jewel-like coast and buzzing city centre with street side coffee bars and nic-nacky marketplaces. Slovenia is a country teeming with history and it is dying to share it with you. It has to be said my […]

  • LGBT Ally Katy Perry To Play Dubai, Where Homosexuality Could Land You 10 Years In Jail

    Katy Perry is set to open the world’s largest stage, in Dubai, where homosexuality could land you 10 years in prison or deportation. The LGBT ally, who has often spoken proactively for LGBT rights has been signed to play an exclusive, invite-only performance at Dubai Airport, which is set to be the world’s biggest stage. […]

  • 23 Incredible Gay Pride Quotes

    There are some amazing LGBT Pride quotes out there, here are some of our favourites. “If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.” – Harvey Milk “Being gay is natural. Hating gay is a lifestyle choice.” – John Fugelsang “Why is it that, as a culture, we are more […]

  • Fatman Scoop and Gail Porter Become The 3rd and 4th Housemates Evicted

    Last Friday, Jenna and Farrah became the butt of Big Brother’s vote in a fake double eviction. They were bunked up in a secret luxury room and given control of nominations…but all was not as it seemed. Unbeknown to Jenna and Farrah, nominations were flipped and the whole house was playing up to the cameras […]

  • Gay Club In Coventry Is Set To Reopen The Weekend

    The LGBT community in Coventry is set to welcome back a gay club set to open this weekend. A gay club in Coventry called Rainbows is set to relaunch this weekend after closing for extensive refurbishment. The club in Short Street will be open from midday on Friday until 4pm to give customers a chance […]

  • Cilla Black One Of The Faves To Be Christmas Number 1 2015

    Oh dear… This may be the most depressing or exciting thing you read today, but Christmas is just 100 days away.

  • President Putin Agrees To Meet With Elton To Discuss Gay Rights

    President Putin has agreed to meet with rock legend Sir Elton John to discuss his nation’s legacy on gay rights. Legendary rock veteran Sir Elton has asked President Putin for a debate on gay rights. The Russian President was responsible for signing in an anti-gay law that forbids the “propaganda” of non-traditional relationships to anyone […]