Have you ever thought of the Power Rangers as an X-rated or adult show? No? Well then maybe you wanna move to Russia, where the bar has been set at an all-time low.

Russian officials have slapped an 18 certificate on the Power Rangers film because it now includes a lesbian/questioning/bisexual/curious character played by Becky G.

The rating was introduced after one of Russia’s most vociferously anti-gay politicians, Vitaly Milonov, lobbied for the film to be given the highest rating by WDSSPR, the Russian distributor of the film. Milonov even argued that the film should be shown in Russia because it promoted “perverted sexual relations”.

Clearly, Vitaly Milonov has a real bee in his bonnet with any content on TV that has the slightest bit of campery or gayness in it.  In 2014 he called the Eurovision Song Contest “the sodom show” and branded Stephen Fry “sick” in 2013.

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In the US the film received a PG13 and in the UK it received a PG rating.