This week a reader asks whether urine can stop an STI infection.

Dear Team

I was having a chat with a friend who told me that you could stop an STI like Chlamydia, by using your own urine. He suggested that after having sex, you try to pee but block the end of your penis with your foreskin or just block the hole and it will stop Chlamydia. 

Is this true?

Tom, Deeside

Dear Tom,

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This is not true and please don’t try it. It’s a bit like the myth that says if you pee immediately after sex you’ll not catch or be infected with an STI – such as Chlamydia. It has not been medically proven to work.

Not only will this not stop an infection, but you could cause real troubles for your penis (and cause irreparable damage) if you block the entrance to the urethra – the tube where the pee comes out of.  Think about what happens to a balloon if you overfill it… now think about the tube in your penis… Yep.

The only thing that is going to stop the spread of any infection is a good safer sex plan!  As Pam Ann told us, “if it’s not on… it’s not on… Condoms and regular testing at your nearest sexual health clinic. Some clinics offer at home testing kits so make sure you get yourself booked in.

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