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Taron Egerton just proved he is the THIGH MASTER

Check out the thighs on Taron Egerton, who just slid this tasty picture into Sir Elton’s DMs for his birthday.

Taron Egerton is truly channelling some ultimate 70’s Elton John after showing off some incredibly sexy thighs in a cheeky birthday wish for the original Rocket Man.


Tagon took to Instagram to wish the iconic Elton a happy birthday for his 72nd Birthday, writing, “Happy Birthday, Elton John, You are just about the most extraordinary person I’ve ever met. In honour of your birthday, here’s a photo of me (as you) in some hot pants.”


However, the star’s thighs managed to raise a few praising comments from fans and gained over 250,000 likes. One user simply wrote “Choke me with your thigh” while another added, “This pic is a gift to us ALL.”

Taron is playing the part of Elton John in the upcoming biopic of the legendary “Your Song” singer. Rocketman hits theatres on May 31. Watch the trailer below.


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