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There’s now a seven stripe pride flag

The Mayor of Brent showcases a brand new seven stripe rainbow flag – which features a single black stripe.

There’s been much said on the design of the rainbow flag, originally designed by Gilbert Baker with the flag being redesigned by various third parties to reflect different issues facing various intersections of the LGBT+ community.

Most famously, in 2017 the city of Philadelphia showcased a new flag which contained black and brown stripes in a bid open up a conversation about racial inclusion in the LGBT+ community.

However, a new seven stripe flag has been adopted by Brent council in London and it’s a brand new, never seen before design, which features a single black stripe between the blue and purple stripe.

The Mayor of Brent, Cllr Arshad Mahmood, raised the rainbow flag outside the Brent Civic Centre in honour of LGBT+ History Month, which takes places in the UK in the month of February. He was joined by Councillors and members of the local community.



The London Borough of Brent is home to a large BAME community, with around 63 percent of residents identifying as non-white. Although it’s not clear if the inclusion of the black stripe is to represent race within the LGBT+ community.

A spokesperson for the council told THEGAYUK, “This particular rainbow flag has been a part of our celebration of the LGBT community in Brent for over 10 years. It is the spectrum which gives the flag its special symbolism, rather than the individual colours, but we’re pleased that it has opened up new conversations about the intersections between the LGBT community and BAME groups.”


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