Your Man Mayo… Do you taste or don’t you?

Well, this was the subject recently discussed in this Reddit forum… A bunch of non-gay guys had a discussion on whether they had ever tasted their own spaff.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, most of them got off on it!

1) I don’t mind if we snowball or I eat out her creampie but I don’t swallow cum just for the sake of it. Different strokes for different folks. Via

2) When my SO gave me a blow job she would clean off my cock with her mouth and then deep kiss me. So yeah, I’ve tasted and swallowed my sperm. I did the same for her when I’d eat her pussy. I thought it was hot as hell too. Via

3) I f*cking love it, but I’m bisexual so there’s that. Nothing is hotter than swapping my cum with my girl after I came in her mouth Via

4) I’m kinda late to the thread but I thought I would contribute. I pretty much swallow my cum every time I masturbate unless I’m in the shower. At first it was just out of curiosity but then it just became convenient. I just cum into the hand I’m not using or I cum directly into my mouth by putting my legs over my head. Via

5) I usually don‘t swallow it. But I don‘t have a problem doing it, interestingly it‘s mostly tasteless anyway. Via

6) I’ve only come out of lurking a couple times, and it was to ask virtually this same question. Personally, I eat my cum in most sexual encounters, solo or with my wife. When masturbating I feel like I’m wasting it if I don’t eat it. There isn’t any sexual gratification in it. With my wife it’s a different story. Eating my cum out of her is one of my favorite things. Snowballing is another fun trick. She hasn’t gotten comfortable enough to let me eat it after anal, but when the day comes… I get seriously turned on just thinking about it. Incidentally, this is why I dislike handjobs, you almost always lose all of it – I’m not about to lick it off the sheets! That said, I think it’s common for guys to have tried their cum, somewhat common for them to be cool with some contact with it post, and extremely unusual to have a real interest in it. Via

7) Before I cum, yeah, I sometimes want to do that. But I’m of the common guy type whose libido kinda shuts down completely for a few minutes once he’s done. So basically, the only time when there’s any cum around is the time in which I want nothing to do with it. Via

8) I was trying to do yoga plow and shoot in my mouth. I didn’t warm up and put my neck out, didn’t finish and had to go to the chiropractor. So yeah, warm up first before trying this. I swallow and enjoy licking off my SO. The taste seems really fine to me & it is a very clean way to deal with sploodge if someone eats it all up. Via

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9) It’s disgusting, and I don’t say that because “it’s gross, thats boy cum” but I’ve tried it multiple times and the taste is disguuuusting. It also seriously leaves my throat sore, far too basic. Via


There you go… An insight… What do you do?



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