It was in their contracts. Apparently.

So why was there no nudity in Call Me By Your Name?

There was surprisingly little sex or nudity in Call Me By Your Name – which for a gay film is unusual, but it turns out it was in the contracts of Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet, that there be no sex scenes or nudity or so the original book’s writer, James Ivory, claims and it apparently “rankles” him.

Speaking to the Guardian, James Ivory said,

“When Luca says he never thought of putting nudity in, that is totally untrue.

“He sat in this very room where I am sitting now, talking about how he would do it, so when he says that it was a conscious aesthetic decision not to – well, that’s just bullshit.

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“When people are wandering around before or after making love, and they’re decorously covered with sheets, it’s always seemed phoney to me. I never liked doing that. And I don’t do it”

So there you have it… Legal Smegal…

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Call Me By Your Name is now available on Amazon and iTunes

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