Transgender Flag
Producers from the Amazon Prime show, Fish Tank have called out gender critical feminists for being "secretly obsessed fans of the trans community".

Producers from the Amazon Prime show, Fish Tank have called out gender critical feminists for being “secretly obsessed fans of the trans community”.

Transgender Flag

Recently Katie Hopkins aligned herself with the #StickerWoman campaign. #StickerWoman is a hashtag which has been linked to stickers, which are shaped like a penis, which have been found in various UK cities which state, “Women Don’t Have Penises”. The campaign follows on from Get The L Out which threatened to derail the start of the parade at Pride In London in July.


Now the producers of the Amazon Prime show, Fish Tank – the first to feature two trans women stars have hit back saying that “TERFs are just secretly obsessed fans of the trans community”.

Creator, director and producer, Brandon Smithson, and star and producer, Arisce Wanzer believes that the message Katie Hopkins, Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists and #GetTheLOut are promoting is a “disgusting outright attack on the trans community”.

Speaking to Brandon Smithson said,“It’s wrong for these groups and for people to reduce trans people to their genitalia”


“The stickers designed to specifically create a visceral reaction with the hopes to make people associate the disgusted feeling with trans people but instead it is making people see this group in a repulsive light.”

Arisce Wanzer, a transwoman herself, believes that, “it is really sad that Katie Hopkins and these groups have to put other people down to left themselves up.”

Not looking at scientific facts

She continues by noting that “recent studies by the University of Liege found that the brains of transgender people resemble brains of the sex they align with rather than their assigned sex at birth. So these people and groups are clearly not looking at any scientific facts and are instead just trying to get a rise out of people”.


Both Smithson and Wanzer believe that if more people took the time to get to know those who identify as transgender, many of these false beliefs and ignorant opinions would be dispelled. They hope that their comedy series will open a dialogue for those that do not get the chance to interact with a trans person, and normalise trans people in a light-hearted, fun way.

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Fish Tank follows the dating lives of two trans women in LA as they deal with inattentive boyfriends, dating apps, vulnerability, stereotyping and creeps.

The series is available in the UK on Amazon Prime and boast a strong cast of transgender actors playing trans and cis-gender roles.

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