The Conservatives are the latest party to reveal their manifesto, so we’re delved into the paperwork to find out what the Conservatives have promised and pledged to the LGBT+ community of the United Kingdom.

Typing the term “LGBT” into the Conservative’s 2017 Manifesto the reader receives zero results, unlike the Liberal Democrats, which delivered 5 results and Labour’s which delivered 11. The Green Party have published an entire manifesto just for LGBT people in the UK.


However not specifically the Conservatives have pledged:

On education

The Conservatives pledge to introduce “comprehensive” sex and relationship education but fails to mention any specifics to LGBT sex or relationships. “We will educate today’s young people in the harms of the internet and how best to combat them, introducing comprehensive Relationships and Sex Education in all primary and secondary schools to ensure that children learn about the risks of the internet, including cyberbullying and online grooming”.

On Crime

On hate crime the Conservatives promise to be tougher on hate crime, they say,  “…we will push forward with our plan for tackling hate crime committed on the basis of religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity”.

On the world stage


The Conservatives have pledged, “We will be the world’s foremost champion of free trade. We will expand our global efforts to combat extremism, terror, and the perpetration of violence against people because of their faith, gender or sexuality”.

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