Where are the cast of Queer As Folk UK now?

Where are the cast of Queer As Folk UK now?

13th September 2017 0 By News Desk

It’s fair to say that Queer As Folk was a game changer for British television. It broke boundaries and totally f**ked with the heads of the readerships of several right-wing newspapers, but 18 years on, where are the cast now?

where are the cast of Queer As Folk now

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The show, which followed the lives of three gay men in Manchester, became a classic in the LGBT hall of fame. Those of us, old enough to remember, can recall how the show courted acclaim and controversy in equal measure – but unlike the US version the UK’s QAF was gone as quickly as it arrived after 10 episodes over two series, QAF was put to bed never to return to British screens again.

So in the 20 years since the show’s end, what’s happened to the cast?

Charlie Hunnam

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Since the heady days of “I’m doing it, I’m really doing” Charlie has cemented himself a career in Hollywood starring in major blockbusters like Pacific RimThe Lost City of Z and the newly-released King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Apparently, he even turned down the starring role, eventually filled by Jamie Dornan, in the mega-hit, Fifty Shades Of Grey.


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