Lucy Spraggan claims "suicides won't stop" after ITV cancels the Jeremy Kyle show.

Lucy Spraggan claims “suicides won’t stop” after ITV cancels the Jeremy Kyle show.

Lucy Spraggan took to social media to put ITV on blast following on from the broadcaster’s decision to cancel the Jeremy Kyle show following on from the suspected suicide of one of its guests.

Lucy who starred in another ITV reality show, the X Factor, the singer wrote, “It’s not about axing shows. Love Island is about to start again. It’s about ITV actually caring about guests/contestants/reality TV stars”.

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Adding insight into aftercare for reality stars, Lucy continued, “As soon as the show is finished, that’s it. Why isn’t there support? Does it cost too much? More than a life? The suicides won’t stop.”


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Speaking out on her own reality show experience, she added “ITV, change the way you see your responsibility to the people on your shows. Start/improve aftercare, accept responsibility, give them HELP.


“As one show is axed another will begin and the perpetual process will start again. I’ve been there, it’s f***ing lonely.

“And believe me, I have a lot more to say about it. Which I will. It’s a f***ing tragedy and seemingly ITV will not learn. They have had plenty of opportunities to.”

Love Island, which is due to air a new series has had under 100 contestants over its 4 series, two of whom have died, by suspected suicide.


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