The game was definitely on.

We asked some of our readers about their three-way experience, needless to say, us gay guys are having a fair bit of threesome activity!

Diary time

“Every other weekend mostly good occasionally embarrassing” – Tristan

“Have had many 3somes always have a good hot time Have at least once a month” – Phil

The biting… oh the biting

“…It was with two friends after a night out and I suggested that we had a threesome, however, me and my other friend wasn’t attracted to the other guy yet he wanted to do most of the work. Terrible at giving BJs as he kept biting me and my other friend so in the end we never finished because the thrill sort of speak went…

“At least I found out that I don’t like to be spit roasted.  Plus it was in a caravan outside my parent’s house. So everyone could hear.”- Marcus

The couple and the unicorn

“It was actually quite fun! My last one was two men who were a couple. Their agreement was that they would never have an open relationship but will have sex with other people when both of them were present at that party. I was tempted to try double penetration but at the end didn’t dare!!!!” – Raha

Poly relationship…

“Good. It was fun, we all had a laugh, all very open-minded. Cuddled till we fell asleep. Then spent a few months in a poly relationship.” – Ian

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On one hand

“Was horrible, one bloke nice & the other not my type, I was feeling jealous of the nice one all the time, never want that again.” – Michael

Why stop at 3?

“Yes and every number up to twenty.” – Roger

Oh, the politics of it all…

“Quite a few and I find its better if all 3 are single rather than a couple plus 1 extra” – Simon

“Yes in the past but in a lot of cases 1 person loses out. Not that’s everyone’s experience.” – Norrin

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“We ended up in A&E. The position we were in led to an accident, one broken arm, stitches in head and a badly bruised hip. The staff tried not to laugh at us, but they found it funny.” – Simon

Me party

“Frequently. Me, myself and I.” – Andy

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