The term “fag hag” dates back decades and originated from the US, but in 2017 is it now offensive to use?

The term “Fag Hag” is a slang phrase that refers to a woman who hangs around and socialises with mostly gay or bisexual men. These women could be characterised as out-going, camp and very accepting of the gay community – but not always.

Most notable examples of a “fag hag” could be Linda La Hughes in the British sitcom, Gimme Giveme Giveme. US Comedian Margaret Cho has talked in her standup show about being a “fag hag” (but now prefers the term “dick widow” and the legendary performer, Pam Ann has also been described as a “fag hag” by many gay publications.

Some people find the term offensive, whilst others embrace it… Some consider the phrase a term of endearment, but in 2017 does this phrase need to be used?

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Over to you – use the comments below to let us know your thoughts. Do you find the term offensive? What other terms could be used instead?

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