From the "British Brokeback" to the death and life of Marsha P Johnson here's what's good to stream on Netflix.

Netflix has an incredible catalogue of LGBT+ films on its service. Here are our picks for July 2018

Good gay movies on Netflix
God’s Own Country is one of our must watch films streaming on Netflix right now.

The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen of the Dessert

It’s a camp classic starring Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce. Three drag queens venture into the outback to perform their show at an Alice Springs’ casino. Comedy | GAYUK RATING ★★★★★


An outstanding, heartbreaking drama about the life and the death of one of America’s most important historical figures for the LGBT+ community. Starring Sean Penn and James Franco. Read the full review hereDrama / Biography | GAYUK RATING ★★★★★

The Pass

The Pass take place in a ten-year time span which tracks the relationship between two Premiership football players. There’s always been some kind of chemistry and attraction between James (an electric and very good Russell Tovey) and Ade (Arinzé Kene – Hollyoaks– also very good). We meet both of them while they’re sharing a hotel room in 2006 in Bulgaria right before one of their first big matches. They’re both very young, and they’re also both very fit, masculine and extremely sexy, and they spend the first third of the movie in their tight white underwear. Read the full review hereDrama | GAYUK RATING ★★★★

God’s Own Country

Being referred to as a West Yorkshire Brokeback MountainGod’s Own Country tells the story of a young farmer who works on the family farm and has casual sex with some of the local boys. But when a Romanian migrant worker shows up to help him out on the farm, their working relationship turns into more than just work, changing both their lives. Shot against the beautiful backdrop that is Yorkshire, God’s Own Country is definitely this year’s hottest and most mainstream gay film. Director and writer Francis Lee, in his feature-length directorial debut (he has acting credits that go back to 1994), has crafted a gay romance set on a farm, a romance that, when it gets lit, is explosive. Read the full review hereDrama | GAYUK RATING ★★★★

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The Death And Life Of Marsha P. Johnson

“There’s a massive number of trans women who have been murdered, and they’re yelling out from their graves for justice”. An emotional and moving documentary on the life of Marsha P. Johnson by director David France, who also brought us How To Survive A Plague. Fans of the film call it “thought-provoking and insightful” as friends of the iconic activist try to shed light on her mysterious death and get justice for Marsha. Read the full review hereDocumentary | GAYUK RATING ★★★★★

Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Determined to fall in love, 15-year-old Adele is focused on boys. But it’s a blue-haired girl she meets on the street who really piques her interest. Drama | GAYUK RATING ★★★★

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100 Men

Paul Oremland looks back on his 100 sexual partners he tries to reconnect with some of them and discusses forty years of gay history and sexual revolution. Documentary | GAY UK RATING ★★★★

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