Ben Cohen is recovering on piste, after losing two teeth and requiring 20 stitches after a skiing accident whilst filming for Channel 4.

CREDIT: Ben Cohen / Twitter
CREDIT: Ben Cohen / Twitter

Ben Cohen managed to show exactly how to remain sexy, cool and collected, despite the pain he must be in. The former rugby champ, has lost two teeth and required 20 stitches after a fall during his training, on the slopes filming for Channel 4’s The Jump.

Despite his injuries he’s back on the piste – and smiling showcasing a swolen, bloody lip.

Taking to Twitter his said,

‘Morning!! Back skiing today after my accident. 20 stitches and 2 lost teeth #BubbaLip,’



The LGBT ally, only joined the show as a replacement for one of the competitors already-injured during the competition. He was hospitalised after failing to stop quickly following a successful middle height landing.

Six celebrities have had to leave show due to accidents. Rebecca Adlington, 26, Tina Hobley, 44, Beth Tweddle, 30, Mark-Francis Vandelli, 26 and Linford Christie, 55, were all forced to quit the show due to injuries.