The Wolf at War is an exhilarating, entertaining and enjoyable read.

The Wolf At War
CREDIT: The Wolf At War

In The Wolf at War Lilly tells the story of a world war between green-eyed werewolf’s and humans. Lilly starts the story differently than the first two books in the series, which somewhat gives away the ending of the war and whom the victors will be.

Alec is an out gay man and werewolf, on the side of The Werewolf Resistance. In The Werewolf Resistance is also his lover Jared, his parents Ilene & Jason, his sister Lucy and other characters that he’s met on his mission to stop the Werewolf’s in the two previous books: The Wolf At His Door and The Wolf in His Arms. Readers whom have read the previous books, will know these characters well. But for readers whom haven’t read the previous books – Lilly missed opportunities to summaries who the characters are and how they had got to where they are.

The plot is fast paced, with plenty of action and has very good description. The plot captivates the reader, pulling them into a world where werewolf’s rule. I literally lost track of time reading this book.

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There were a few minor editorial issues, such as missed commas or speech marks, but these inconsequential issues never interfered with the enjoyment of the book.

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The Wolf at War is a great read. The reader can read it as a stand alone story, but is guaranteed to enjoy it more if they read the first two books: The Wolf At His Door and The Wolf in His Arms first.

About the author: Antony Simpson
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