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review for the Peugeot 5008

This time Peugeot really do have the dominant Germans on the run. It’s first-class in tactility. Solid chunks of rubber are everywhere. It makes for a rattle-free interior and gives a reassuring thud to the close of the doors. I don’t want to rave about the interior too much because the i-cockpit in the 5008 is more or less the same as in the 3008 and I am no fan of shared layouts through different ranges. The Allure has a fabric inset into the doors and dashboard and it adds layers and textures that other manufacturers are yet to match.

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What doesn’t work is the dullness for your rear passengers. For all the joy of the neon lights set into the dashboard and doors, there is absolutely nothing for those in the rear. Even the heater controls lack illumination. What they get given instead is a glare from the neon optics set into the panoramic glass roof. This is the 5008’s biggest failing which itself is ironic considering this is designed to carry people.