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I like the 5008. It’s an easy car to live with and comes loaded with toys. The standard 360-degree parking camera system is one of the best and most accurate I’ve tried even if the screen graphics are not quite HD ready. The Allure starts at £28,215. As tested it is £33980. For that, I’d leave out some of the options and instead make an already good value car even better value.


Quality feel
Soft ride


Lack of integrity in the rear
Some options pricy
Infotainment system sometimes slow to respond

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The Lowdown
Car – Peugeot 5008 Allure PureTech 130
Price – £33,980 (as tested)
MPG – 54.3 mpg (combined)
Power – 0-62mph – 10.4 seconds
Top Speed – 117 mph
Co2 – 120 (g/km)

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