Alan Carr has tied the knot with his husband

CREDIT: Alan Carr / Instagram

Presenter and comedian Alan Carr has married his now actor husband, Paul Drayton, after being together for ten years. The star’s publicist confirmed the marriage. The pair had a “small, private ceremony” in the US.

The couple were engaged last year when they were on holiday in Indonesia. Despite the country’s poor LGBT rights record of late, the Lombok hotel’s management was in on the proposal.

The engagement ring was hidden in Alan’s dessert, and when he found the ring the hotel’s organist started playing Elton John’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and the hotel’s staff starting singing.

He said that at first, he thought he had broken a filling after biting into the dessert, but discovered that it was actually a ring.

Away from prying eyes

According to The Sun, the couple decided to wed in Los Angeles to be away from “prying eyes” where they would not be recognised.

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The pair jetted off to South America to celebrate the wedding.

Despite the small wedding both Alan and Paul are planning a “big celebration” for all their friends and family later on this summer to celebrate their marriage, according to the publicist.

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Previously Alan said that he wanted singer Adele to perform at his wedding.

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