The times are changing.

Serbia has just got an openly lesbian Prime Minister in a duo of firsts.


President Aleksandar Vučić announced the appointment of Ana Brnabić today, the second openly lesbian head of Government and the fifth openly gay head of government in the world. She is also Serbia’s first female Prime Minister.

MsBrnabić is a 41-year-old graduate of the University of Hull. The news comes hot on the tails of Ireland’s brand new Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar.

Ms Brnabić has had a quick rise to the top having been elected as the Minister of Public Administration and Local State Governments in 2016.


Serbia has a relatively poor history on gay right’s matters, having only legalised same-sex sexual activity in 1994. The country does not have any recognitions for same-sex partners and gay marriage is constitutionally banned.


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