What is a gay daddy?
Nope, it's absolutely nothing to do with your biological father

If you ever see someone described as a “daddy” on a dating or hook up profile, it has absolutely nothing to do with being a biological father!

A daddy is a term often ascribed to guys over a certain age, although that age varies from person to person, depending on some pretty poorly defined characteristics. It could be greying hair or a receding hairline, or it could be to do with wrinkles! It could be to do with an attitude that exudes from a photo.

It seems pretty arbitrary. But basically it’s a guy in his late 30s to early 40s and older.

Typically Daddies are thought to be older, wiser, well-versed and adaptable guys, who take on a more paternal role within relationships, sexual or otherwise. It is often used as a term of endearment or objectification, but also sometimes refers to a power dynamic between a younger guy and an older guy – a dynamic that might actually hold no truth in real life.

A daddy might be thought to be a dom or a top, but the actual man being referred to as a daddy, might, in fact, be a sub, a bottom or not into power play at all.

Do you like "Daddies"?

However, Daddy isn’t a word that can be or should be applied to anyone or everyone over a particular age. Many guys feel uncomfortable with being labelled in such a way, as much as some guys under 25 take issue being referred to as a “twink” or “chicken”.

As with all terms used to describe someone, it’s best to listen to what people want to be referred to as.

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