When men aren't being sexy - they are in fact their sexiest...

Some of the stuff that turns us on is weird… some stuff is totally legit… right?

Some are obvious: A trouser bulge, sure – the outline of a bubble butt, absolutely … but calling you “bro” or changing the gear stick when driving?


These guys on the subreddit AskGayMen were recently asked what non-sexual things turned them on and well, it became a lengthy love in for all the things, that aren’t sexual at all that men can do that turns us crazy.

Being called Bro, Dude or Man.

One user explained that it felt like male bonding. “Growing up I always had more female friends than male so I sort of missed out on that experience. So when a guy calls me “dude” or “bro” as a gay man it makes me feel included!” (VIA)

A Soft Slap

TrilIias says that when a man gives him a “soft slap on the back of the shoulder” that would be a turn on. (VIA)

Chopping Wood…


And for extra points shirtless. That lumberjack look apparently really gets some guys all hot and bothered. (VIA)

Singing to them

Even singing Justin Bieber songs will do the trick according to user CherrySodaBoy92 who revealed, “When I was in college I had a boyfriend who sang and played the guitar in his church choir and one night I went to his dorm room and asked him to play me something and he sang Baby by Justin Bieber (it was cuter than it sounds)”

As an added bonus he added, “That boy got LAID that night”.

Stretching and flexing


Apparently we can’t get enough of guys just stretching out and there are bonus points if his shirt rides up exhibiting a little bit of stomach.

Kaius117 revealed, “My buddy stretches at work, his shirt rides up, exposing his hairy stomach. He knows I like it and does it on purpose.” (VIA)

Sleeping Like A Child (VIA)

Changing gears

Even changing the gear while driving is enough to drive some guys a little coo-coo. Sagevoss added, “Driving and shifting gear… I don’t know why but when my guy friends do it I wanna make-out with them”.

Nerding Out


Being passionate about a subject, whatever it is a huge turn on for many people. Ipomoeatricolor said, “Hearing a guy talk about literally anything he’s passionate and excited about. I wanna see him nerd out!”

Gaywicca adds, “I love when a guy talks about philosophy or religion, or politics!”

While, “explaining something long or complicated to me, or just a deep discussion about a topic, like market theory, can really turn me on” says blizzard30



Smells are really important – but definitely not bad smelling penises. However, if he smells of fresh laundry that’s a bonus according to GhostOvTheSun.


Primal instincts and reactions are a definite turn on. “When guys get frustrated, it really turns me on” SchwerelosKTZ shares, “Anger is so primal to me, and it makes me just want to get pinned down”.

Swearing Under Their Breath

“It makes me think of them doing that in bed… I find it so hot” (VIA)

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User ticklish-toes adds, “Wriggling his toes absentmindedly”

Letting you help him out

When he lets me do up his tie for him (VIA)

Just existing (VIA)


*Some quotes may have been edited for clarity or grammar.

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