Is your manhood smelling less than rosy? There might be a number of reasons for that hideous cheesy aroma that’s making all the lads faint…

why does my penis smell so bad
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No one wants a smelly penis. So if you’re wondering why yours is smelling so bad, here are some reasons, as always if you’re really concerned about your health then book yourself an appointment with your doctor.

Just general sweat and dirt…

Are you cleaning down there enough? Guys who tend to do a lot of sport might be getting smelly in their private parts. Make sure after each workout or run that you wash your genitals using fresh, clean warm water. Your groin could be causing the smell rather than your penis. It’s a brilliant place for bacteria to multiply by their millions. It’s dark, damp and warm – the perfect environment.

Crotch rot

Yep, as nasty as that sounds – some sports fanatics will know about crotch rot, it’s caused by wearing dirty underwear or jocks for a prolonged period. Make sure after exercising that you wash your undies, in a hot wash to get rid of any bacteria. BTW it does have a proper name, it’s called Tinea cruris. It causes itching or burning in the groin area and near the anus. It can be caused by athlete’s foot and can be transferred through your clothing. So be careful when putting your trousers on!


Smegma is a cheesy, white looking substance that you’re more likely to have if you’re uncut (have a foreskin), although cut guys produce it too. It’s a natural lubricant for the penis, but it does start to smell if you don’t wash it. It’s basically made up of dead skin cells, fatty oils and other debris from penis secretions. That cheesy smell? Well, that’s bacterial breakdown my friends. So give it a wash.


Poor hygiene will cause Balanitis, an inflammation of the head of the dick. The foreskin can also be infected. It can also be created by a thrush infection or other skin condition. See your doctor if this happens.

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Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia can both cause your cock to smell. You might not even know you have either of these infections, but it’s wise to look out for these symptoms:

  • White discharge from your penis – when you’re not peeing or cumming
  • A painful, burning when you pee
  • Penis irritation and needing to pee frequently.

Go see your docs and do not delay.

You’re not washing it properly

If you give your penis the showerhead but not giving it a good old rub, you might not be getting all the smeg off. So as well as the shower head get your fingers over that helmet and give it a good rub!

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No roll back…

If you can’t roll back your foreskin or your foreskin is really tight around the head of your penis there might be a build up of dirt and bacteria which you’re not able to wash away. You should probably try and get an appointment with your GP to discuss what you can do about it…


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