How to do breath control during sex
This might be breath control 101

Some guys are into breath control when it comes to the bedroom. While someone in the dom position, the guy who is controlling the breath of someone else, might feel up to the task, it might leave others feeling a little bit uneasy, because of the inherent risks attached to stopping someone from breathing freely.

Breath control is a major fantasy for some guys and is part of the kink world. It can come in a wide variety of guises from a full-on throat throttle to putting a gag in someone’s mouth. However getting the right pressure, the timing, permissions and the context are really important. After all, you really don’t want to be left with an unresponsive guy in your bed and a trip to A&E.

Obviously it’s always good practice to have a safe or control word for the sub to use, but if your play covers the mouth, it can be difficult to hear, so it’s important to establish a visible signal as well. This should always be discussed upfront, before play starts, as our columnist Scott points out in his article about The Rules of Rough Sex.

However, what if the person being restrained actually had the overriding say over how much they can handle, while still playing with breath control.

So simple anyone can try

It’s really easy to achieve and all you need is a breathing tube and a bathtub.

Before we go on, we have to thank Himeros.TV for the idea, because in one of their latest videos, “Baptisma”, featuring JP Dubois, they tackle the very issue of consensual breath control.

Essentially, you fill the tub with water and the sub (the controlled) slides beneath the water’s surface. A breathing tube is then placed in his mouth so he can breathe underwater.

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The dom sits outside the tub and holds the tube and when he wants to control the breath he puts his thumb over the tube’s entrance, effectively blocking the airway. The dom then can play with lengths of time that the airway is blocked – for added sensory deprivation the sub can close his eyes, so he’s never aware of when the next blockage is going to happen.

All the while the two of you can masturbate or just enjoy the experience. In terms of COVID-secure or safer sex practice, this is one of the more safer ways to enjoy BDSM or kink.

The sub always retains control

What’s great about this position is that if at anytime sub needs to breathe or feels overwhelmed he can simple lift his head out of the water.

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However, it would be wise to do this bathtime play with someone you trust and not some completely random stranger that you’ve never met before. To read our tips on meeting and chatting safely with strangers click here.

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