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Chat Safety Advice

The Gay UK’s Online Dating Tips And Safety.

Our prime concern is your safety whilst using To help you get the most out of this experience, please keep in mind these tips when using our service.

Keep Your Details Personal.

Your mobile, your address and email address are precious personal data. Our service is not closed and is available for anyone to see, so think twice before posting any personal data on a public chat board. We may remove messages that we don’t feel keeps you safe. We suggest you create an alternative email address to swap on here.

Meet In Public.

If you decide to meet with someone you’ve met on here, it’s best to meet in a public space or building, where there are plenty of people around. Somewhere neutral and somewhere that you both know. It’s best to make your way there yourself and have a backup plan on how to get away from there if necessary. Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right make an excuse and leave.

Tell Someone Where You’re Going.

As much detail as possible, and a time when you think you might be back. Ask them to give you a call to check up on you. If you have the person who you are meeting’s phone number it might be a good idea to give friends that number too.

Recent Photos Are  A Must.

If you’ve swapped pictures but there’s something not quite right about the picture ask for an updated picture. If you meet and the person you’ve just met doesn’t live up to the picture don’t be afraid to hot-foot it out of there.

Cookies And Data Collected.

THEGAYUK doesn’t collect or create cookies, however 3rd party applications, like Google and chatango do. For more information on Cookies and how you can turn them off click here. Your use of this service is an understanding of our terms of use, privacy policy and profile guidelines.