Ms Hazell said that she felt, "shock, anger and disgust" at the way she was targeted.

Hazell Dean, singer of the hits, “Turn It Into Love” and “Whatever I do (Wherever I Go)” has terminated her 10-year association with Energise Records after images were published on the company’s website.

The images has since been deleted.


Ms Dean notified the police that she believed the images were malicious. After an investigation by Sussex Police, “the police found the images to be malicious and that they constituted a hate crime” according to a statement from the singer.

According to the statement, a Community Resolution Order, was issued by the police.

Speaking about the incident, Ms Hazell said that she felt, “shock, anger and disgust” at the way she was targeted.


She wrote,

“Nobody should have to experience, or witness hate crime, as this can significantly impact mental health. It can lead to social anxiety, self-harm and in some instances, suicide.

“I urge anyone who is a victim of, or who is a witness to hate crime, no matter how small, to report it via their local police service or STOP HATE UK.”

The record company also represents, gay icons, Sinitta and Eurovision legends Sonia and Nicki French.

A statement left on the record company’s Facebook page in mid-August, apologised to Ms Dean after “some very upsetting” pictures were listed for sale by the company.

The company stressed that the person who responsible for the postings had resigned and was no longer responsible for the maintenance of the company’s website.

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Hazell Dean has been a stalwart and vocal supporter of LGBT+ rights and can often be found performing at Prides across the country. reached out to Energise Records for comment.

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