Take heart, even if yours doesn't reach 5 inches there are reasons why, whatever you have, is pretty damn good.

Small is beautiful – that is the new motto

If you watch a lot of porn you’ll be forgiven for thinking that man is equipped with just two sizes of dick. Big and bigger. But actually the majority of penis owners aren’t that well endowed. The average size of most men in the UK, full mast, is 5.5 inches according to Mandatory.com. So take heart, even if yours doesn’t reach 5 inches there are reasons why, whatever you have, is pretty damn good.

1) Firstly having a smaller dick means that hiding an unwanted erection is much easier

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So if you happen to be in an awkward situation and you pop a boner you can quite happily enjoy the knowledge that your rager will be much easier to hide than a monster cock. Simply slide that peen up towards your belly and no one will ever know! Brilliant.

2) You won’t damage the person you’re having intercourse with…

You’re less likely to damage your bottom. Smaller dicks are less likely to create anal fissures and less likely to cause small tears and will probably need a lot less warming up, although don’t read that as a “just go for it” you’ll still need to do a bit of foreplay and you’ll always need lube.

3) Not just anal, but actually oral will be easier.


Apparently. After hearing that this guy actually ruptured his throat while giving a blowie to a 10 incher and ended up in A&E maybe it’s time to realise less is more.

4) Hit the spot


You’ll actually be able to rub all the right bits with your hammer action! The male G-spot will be tickled pink with a smaller than average appendage. The G-spot is only a couple inches inside a man, so any more than that I really a waste – or for show offs!

5) Anal sex will be less painful

Again we refer to point three. If you want tips on how to find bottoming easier check out our top tips. Plus you won’t be going all the way up to the internal sphincter, which can be an unpleasant feeling for some bottoms.

6) You won’t be used because of your penis size

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Yep, there’s such thing as people who who fetishize big dicks and don’t neccessarily respect the person attached to the big penis. There’s an actual forum called Big Dick Problems – yes guys who have penises that are too large they have their own forum. It has over 50 million members (no pun intended).

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7) Less Germs

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Yes, if you ever sit down to pee, or even when you’re pooping if you have a smaller penis, or a grower not a shower, your penis won’t touch the inside of the dirty toilet bowl. Yup!

Whatever your size is, don’t worry about it. We all come in all different shapes and sizes. It’s about who the dick’s attached to not the nob itself.


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