So if you’re new to bottoming or you’re just looking some tips on to how to make it easier, here’s some tips

You on top.

This position is normally called the Cowboy. The best way to control how far your partner goes in is with you on top. With you on top you can also control the speed of the thrusts – or limit them altogether. You can be in complete control of the movement, because your partner’s range of movement will be limited.


Your hand in the way.

So if you’re tired with the cowboy position you can try all manner of other positions, but try this trick. If your partner is just too long for you, you can put your hand in the way. So imagine putting his penis through your fist and then into you. That eliminates around 3 inches of his actual length. The “top” partner shouldn’t really feel any less pleasure- especially if you lube up the inside of your palm.

As you get more accustomed you can change the fist into a V shape made from your index and middle finger in front of your butthole.

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Spooning position.

Another range limiting position is the spooning position, where you lie on your side and your partner comes in from behind also lying on his side. To limit the range of thrust close your legs – as you get used to the feeling of him inside you, you can start to open your legs more.


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It’s all in the Prep.

Spending some time by yourself – prepping can actually help loosen you up. If you’re comfortable douching that will definitely get your butt more relaxed. You can try with a shower head, however, you must be careful of water pressure and the heat of the water – or with an actual douche.

Douches are relatively inexpensive, you can even order them through Amazon.

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Prep can also come in the guise of using a little dildo or vibrator that you can have some fun with before the main event. You could even have two one small and one larger for when you get a little more relaxed.


Prelube yourself.

After prepping yourself, why not pre-lube yourself. Don’t just wait before you’re actually in the moment, you could try using a thicker butter lube like the Male Cobeco Butter lube or even Crisco. Using your finger take a blob of the butter and put it right inside you. However using a butter lube might not be suitable to use with latex condoms – always check the packaging for instructions.


Tell Him STFD

In the end it’s your body and your butt. If you’re not happy TELL HIM. Or as we like to say… Slow The F*** DOWN. There’s no need to rush and you should take your time. Be sensitive to your body and let go at your pace.



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As always lots of lube… and condoms!

Have you got tips – put them in the comments below!

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